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      San Benito teacher tells classroom she can speak to God

      A YouTube video reportedly of a San Benito teacher at Veteran's Academy had parents and students talking about her bizarre rant.

      The teacher, who Action 4 News will not name, told her class in Spanish that they can speak to God through her if they looked straight into one of her eyes.

      She also claimed she was pregnant with God's child.

      A student recorded the entire thing on his cell phone as other students ran out of the classroom for help.

      San Benito Consolidated Independent School District Statement:

      SAN BENITO-An incident involving a San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy teacher remains under review by campus and district officials.

      Students in the classroom alerted other school personnel who responded by escorting the teacher out of the classroom during the recent incident.

      San Benito CISD wants to assure the parents that a replacement teacher has been assigned to fulfill the classroom duties of the teacher in question and will remain there for the remainder of the school year.

      The issue in question is considered a personnel matter, therefore, the district is not at liberty to disclose any additional information or divulge specific details about the district TMs specific course of action.