San Benito to demolish old buildings, potential health hazards

They once served the people of San Benito.

Now three busted buildings threaten their safety.

It's also a haven for people out there doing stuff they should not be doing, said San Benito Fire Marshall Henry Lopez.

Lopez said what some see as eye sores, the homeless see as shelters.

"The worst case scenario is that they're in there doing their thing and it catches the neighbor's house on fire, said Lopez. It could cause them to lose their property, but God forbid they should lose a life."

Lopez said vandalism happens at several abandoned homes and buildings.

That is why the City of San Benito is determined to demolish the three old structures.

They include the old airport hangar, the old waste water treatment cells and the old police department.

The Ruiz family lives next door to the old police department.

Its collapsed roof makes it the first to be destroyed.

Ida Ruiz said she became nervous after she caught her kids playing inside the old facility.

"For them to get locked up inside one of these days, said Ruiz. And no one would hear them yelling, because it's solid.

According to Lopez, even more safety threats lurk inside the walls of the abandoned buildings.

He said mold, mice and possums are all troubles the city seeks to smash.

According Mayor Joe Hernandez, the city wants to keep the demolition project within the city, hiring city workers to complete it.

No word on when demolition will begin.