San Benito woman searches for Good Samaritan to return purse

McDonald TMs restaurant on Business 77 in San Benito is one of Maria Elena Hernandez TMs favorite places to eat.

She and her husband are regulars there, but she said that about a month ago, the couple's routine trip, turned into what TMs become a scavenger hunt to find the woman's purse.

Hernandez admits she forgot it.

"I noticed more or less two days (after), because I thought I had left it in the truck, Hernandez said. I thought I had left it under the seat or something so I looked under the seat, and I couldn't find it."

Hernandez said she checked under the seat, throughout the truck, around her home and went back to all the places she could remember visiting during those few days.

Still, there was no sign of her purse or the valuables in it.

"I left my driver's license, I had my (husband TMs) military ID card, my son's bank card, and receipts, Hernandez said. I also had $300 in cash."

Hernandez said she had been saving up for a car port or storage room, and that's why she had the money in her purse.

However, Hernandez said the money has become necessary and hasn TMt lost hope that she TMll recover her documents.

She even believes a good Samaritan found the purse and tried to deliver it to her home.

"My neighbor came and told me that this lady came looking for me, Hernandez said. She was knocking at all the doors looking for Maria Elena Hernandez because she had my driver's license."

To Hernandez TMs luck she wasn TMt home at that time and her neighbor wasn TMt sure about her name.

The mystery good Samaritan hasn't returned with her purse, Hernandez said, and she's hoping that by taking action, she TMll reunite with her belongings.

"Please return it, Hernandez pleaded. I know she's a good person and I really appreciate it if she did return it.