San Fernando residents react to rising body count, narco graves

It may sound like a horror movie but Mexican authorities reported Thursday night that there has been another big spike in the number of bodies pulled out of mass graves across the border in San Fernando.

The violence plagued city is just two hours south of Brownsville.

The Tamaulipas Attorney General's office confirmed another 32 bodies have been pulled out of the pits.

The latest total of dead was at 177, as of Friday afternoon.

Investigators have reason to believe 122 of those bodies are of kidnapped bus passengers and the others were murdered in separate cases.

Thursday's announcement is just another sign of the ongoing violence brought on by Mexican drug cartels that are fighting for smuggling routes into the United States.

The fighting is leaving innocent people in Mexico with no choice but to flee.

Catholic Priest Hilario del Pozo Noyola is among those in fear.

"Sadly we've seen how businesses have had to move out of the city, even families are leaving.

Many businesses are closing and even our daily routines are changing out of fear," said Pozo Noyola.

Authorities report the Zetas drug cartel is behind the San Fernando massacre.

Dozens of arrest were made in April

Several Mexican police officers were held in connection to the case.

The search continued Friday for even more bodies feared to be inside of the makeshift graves.