San Juan chase ends at federal courthouse

Around seven this morning San Juan Police responded to City Hall after several people complained of a man sitting in the parking lot|harassing them.

When police got there Jorge Martinez took off and get this"led police on slow pursuit, with his hazard lights on, from San Juan to McAllen.

San Juan Police Chief, Juan Gonzalez, said after Martinez exited off the Expressway he headed to Bicentennial and made his final destination the Federal Courthouse building in McAllen.

Chief Gonzalez said after that Martinez jumped out of his vehicle and headed into the courthouse|where US Marshals used a taser to detain him.

"We look at all the circumstances and in this case...being it's a suspicious person at government puts us all on alert, said Gonzalez.

This is not the first time Martinez pulled something like this---we TMre told he did the same thing at a Federal Courthouse in New York.

Gonzalez credited a recent police training academy where they learned how to handle pursuits like this one.

Nobody was hurt, said Gonzalez. He didn TMt get hurt either. No property was damaged|that TMs the way we want pursuits to end.

Gonzales said, while he is pleased with the way his officers handled the situation|his main concern is the reason Martinez was at City Hall in the first place.

"We're still debriefing him and trying to figure out what his intentions were and motive for being at City Hall," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez also told us that Martinez has an extensive criminal record|everything from evading arrest to burglary and criminal trespassing.