San Juan couple says security cameras didn't do their job

Mandy and Henry Gonzales told Action 4 News that they only wanted to feel safe and that is why the initially installed four cameras to the outside of their home.The couple claims they have had issues since day one.It worked for a few days, Mandy explained. We had problems, they came back, and changed the DVR.Despite the issue, Mandy said she and Henry decided to add one more camera. She said they wanted to give the company another chance.They continued to have problems.It worked for one, two, three days, Mandy started. They came back and again it was frozen|.Every incident documented and now on their third DVR---Mandy said they have had enough and just want their money back.The problem is"she claims the company will not do it"maintaining they have done what they can to fix the problem.It TMs not our fault they have faulty equipment. We had nothing to do with it.However, the owner of SOCOPS Joe Cruz told Action 4 News he also kept documentation of all of the times someone went out to the residence to fix the problem|..and said the couple signed off each time a technician was there that the equipment was working properly.We have documentation and photographs that the system is still working, Joe said. We see activity on the server which means the DVR is connected and it TMs still accessible via the internet.Joe said the Gonzales TM admitted to trying to fix the problem themselves. He said the machines are complicated and that could have damaged the system even more.Our techs know the procedures, Joe started. They turn off the system before they unplug anything. If you plug it in and out too many times then you will have a short or it will malfunction. Joe stands by his equipment---saying they service many residents, businesses, and law enforcement throughout the Valley.He added that they have never had an issue like this one.As for Mandy, none of that matters, she said her system still does not work and she still wants her money back.

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