San Juan cracking down on illegal tire dumping

Tires of all sizes are discarded in vacant lots throughout San Juan.

"They just go and throw them out, said one resident. I don't know why they do that instead of taking it to a dump."

For those who live near these ~dump sites TM looking at the discarded tires on a daily basis is unsettling.

It doesn TMt look good, said one concerned citizen.

We can TMt just throw our garbage wherever we want, said another.

But unfortunately people do just that and it has cost San Juan $16,000 to clean it all up in 2010.

Not only have these illegally dumped tires cost the city thousands of dollars"they pose major threats to the community.

"Right now the grass is dry, said San Juan Officer Juan Galindo. You can throw a firework out and get a fire going and it lights up the grass and tires---now you have a huge fire."

Grass fires aren TMt the only concern. Galindo said when starts to rain these tires collect water---creating the perfect setting for mosquito breeding.

Galindo said the department is stepping up patrol and trying to put the brakes on this illegal dumping.

So remember, if you are going to dump your tires do it legally or face jail time.