San Juan drug raid suspects face judge

Two men accused of running a popular cocaine peddling operation out of a San Juan home faced a judge on Wednesday.

The two were arrested after the San Juan Police Department SWAT team raided one a home on East 2nd Street on Tuesday.

Investigators found packages of cocaine and several rolls of cash.

Gilberto Garza and Heriberto Loera were both charged with drug possesion charges on Wednesday.

A San Juan municipal judge issued $50,000 dollar bonds for each of them.

While in court, Garza admitted to the judge that he has been arrested several times before on drug charges.

San Juan police said their operation has only just began.

Sgt. Rolando Garcia said police are cracking down on street sellers believed to be operating in the city.

"We TMre going to keep the pressure on anybody who is selling narcotics here in San Juan, he said. It's not just our repeat offenders or anything like that if we have information that you might be dealing narcotics out of your house were gonna see what we can do to get inside the property and try to find the drugs inside the house it's something we TMre not going to tolerate."

It TMs the second time Garza has been caught selling drugs from his East 2nd Street home.

Garcia said investigators they are looking to seize Garza's home before he has a chance to start the operation up again.