San Juan family speaks about fighting off burglary suspect

Home burglaries are not uncommon but one brave San Juan family was not going to let theirs be one of them.

Home burglaries are not uncommon but one brave San Juan family was not going to let theirs be one of them.

Early Sunday morning the woman who lives on the 400 block of Caroll street heard a noise outside her bedroom door, like anyone would, she went to go see what it was.

"She says a guy in a ski mask was holding a 2 by 4 log. He immediately attacked my mom in the head. She was conscious but blood was gushing out of her head, the woman TMs son said.

She ran back into the room calling her son's name.

"All I heard were my mom's screams so I immediately jumped on him and put him in a choke hold. I kept choking him with all I got. I was on the floor choking him and my mom was hitting his feet with the same log he had, the boy said.

But the man still fought back.

"My mom gave me a Mag light so I started smacking him on the head like 15 times. The blood was gushing all over the wall and it got to the point where he told me to stop hitting me so my mom gave him water because he was asking, the boy said.

At one point the burglar even bit the boy.

"I was trying to shut him up because he was screaming, and I guess my finger slipped into his mouth and he bit me, the boy said.

With another hand, the boy called the cops who he says arrived about five minutes later.

"If it wasn't for them we would be dead or something, the boy said.

Police arrested 22 year old Luis Eduardo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was arraigned Monday and charged with two counts of burglary of habitation.

His bond was set at $200,000.

The family says they hope this is a warning to anyone thinking of invading another home in their community.

We are tired of these home invasions. We are tired of these criminals entering our homes," the boy TMs older sister said.

The boy TMs mother had to get 10 staples but is now back at home recovering.

A second burglar was seen on an outside security camera but police are not yet releasing the video from the security camera.