San Juan grandfather struck by car, now family is pleading for speed limit signs

Orange markings show where a maroon truck with a white stripe slammed into Magdaleno Deliria.

"I saw everything," said neighbor Adrian Cantu. "I was sitting there facing him."

Deliria had just walked back to his home from helping Cantu get his keys out of his car.

"He turned around and put his hands on the hood of the truck," Cantu said demonstrating the movement. "He put his hands on the truck and arched his back....the truck hit him with the top part---he got hit pretty hard."

Deliria's granddaughter, Jachel El Tolentino said her grandfather is doing better.

He suffered bleeding to the inside of his heads and a lot of bumps and bruises.

She said, while she is concerned for him, she is also concerned for the safety of the children in the neighborhood.

With no posted speed limit signs-El Tolentino said there are some that take advantage by stomping on the gas.

Action 4 News wanted to check out the neighborhoods surrounding Loma Azul and what we found was street after street you do not see one speed limit sign.

Action 4 News spoke with J.J. Rodriguez, city manager for San Juan, and he said he was not aware there were not any speed limit signs posted in the area.

He said it is usually understood that the speed limit is 30mph in a residential neighborhood.

Nonetheless, Rodriguez said he will get public works out into those neighborhoods to see if something can be done to get some signage put up.