San Juan high speed chase ends with a crash

A call about a disturbance at a San Juan apartment complex quickly escalated as a driver led police on a high speed chase during lunch hour traffic.

San Juan police told Action 4 News when they arrived at the apartment complex so did the driver of a maroon Ford Taurus.

Police said they tried stopping the driver, to question him, but instead he stepped on the gas and led police on a high speed chase.

As they chased the driver of a Taurus San Juan police said they had to keep in mind the hundreds of innocent motorists navigating the same stretch of road when traffic was at its peak.

In mere minutes, police said, the driver attempted to take a turn around in Alamo, but miscalculated his speed and ended up slamming into a cement pillar.

The driver jumped out and tried to make a run for it but did not get far.

"He was apprehended a few blocks away by our chasing officer and taken into custody, said Sgt. Rolando Garcia. Search of the vehicle showed marijuana and baggies of cocaine hidden in the trunk and console area." Sgt. Garcia told Action 4 News that the suspect gave an address to a home where they had gotten Crime Stopper tips on.

A search of that home turned up a revolver and even more drugs---crack cocaine, scales and bars.

Sgt. Garcia said they believe the suspect is a street-level drug dealer.

Another man was arrested at the home and both suspects are expected to be arraigned on Saturday.

To report any suspicious or illegal activity just call their Crime Stoppers line at (956) 283-TIPS.