San Juan kidnapping may have been mistaken identity

She was blindfolded, thrown into the back of a black pick-up, and taken across the border to Reynosa. San Juan police said they received the call about the kidnapping around 6:30 Sunday afternoon. They told Action 4 news the 18-year-olds parents were the ones that reported her missing, after they received phone calls from the teen that her captors wanted money.

San Juan police told Action 4 news the 18-year-old girl was walking to a friend TMs house when she was taken, in broad daylight, and held captive in Mexico. "There was some request for ransom money," said San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez. He said no money was given, but they continued to communicate with the frightened teen throughout the night.

"She was distraught and scared, said Gonzalez.

San Juan police along with the FBI and Hidalgo County Sheriff Department worked though out the night to bring the frightened girl home. Unfortunately they had to all of that without the help of Mexican officials.

"There's a good ending to it, said Gonzalez. She's back at home with family and we were able to make sure she got back home."

However, as investigators later learned, the girl was not even the intended target.

Police said the suspects mistook her for someone else.

While they are not sure who the men were actually looking for, they said a case of mistaken identity is not uncommon.

"They're under the influence of narcotics most of the time, said Gonzalez. That's how they get the courage to do these types of things. Sometimes they just kidnap innocent people who have nothing to do with their criminal enterprises."

San Juan police do not have any leads on who these three men and are asking for help from the community.

If you have any information call San Juan Crime stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.