San Juan looking to change pursuit policy

It only took a matter of seconds.

A San Juan police officer could have been run over by a suspect trying to get away from a pack of squad cars.

We're trying to make more options available for our officers to have," Sgt. Rolando Garcia said. While the throwing of the spikes, that is what the officer was doing when he was almost hit, will not be going away.

"That'll still continue, Garcia said. We're just going to add more options and have more available resources for our officers to fall back on." There are other options that would allow the officer to stay in the vehicle"while trying to keep the public out of harm TMs way.

"We're going to get certified in the pit maneuver, Garcia started. So that we can start pitting vehicles when we have the available area...we have to have a good clean space." Basically, what will happen is an officer will get even with the back tire of the suspect TMs vehicle.

They will then push their unit into the suspect and that should cause the suspect to spin out and the impact should be strong enough to shut off the engine. One maneuver you can expect San Juan police not to utilize in the future.

"We're highly residential, Garcia explained. We have many homes around and it TMs not a good option for us to be shooting at tires. If we miss we could hit a home or someone standing outside."