San Juan man pays contractor, months later home is unfinished

75-year-old Jesus Loera just wanted a place his kids and grandchildren could enjoy.

Unfortunately, he said after he paid off his contractor, the work stopped and his home was left unfinished.

According to them it was supposed to be all installed," said homeowner Jesus Loera, referring to a missing air conditioning unit.

He said it isn TMt the only thing missing from his new home in San Juan.

Loera told Action 4 News he paid Adrian Martinez with Border Construction and Hauling Services a total of $30,000 to build a two bed two bath home.

"This guy was recommended to me by a cousin of mine, who lives in Mission. He said, 'I know this guy, he does good work and fast. Good work.' So I said, ' Okay, let's talk to him," recalled Loera.

Loera told us Martinez promised he could build him a new home in six weeks TM time.

It seemed too good to be true, but he made three separate $10,000 payments anyway to Martinez.

"I noticed he was doing a real good job-hurry, hurry, hurry. So I said, 'Okay, I'll pay him the rest of the money and he'll finish quicker|.that was my mistake," said Loera.

The home should have been completed mid-February, but once he gave Martinez that last payment, Loera said the work came to a halt.

They said everything's done, we'll be back to do this later. [They] never showed up, said the disappointed homeowner.

There is no power and air conditioning in this house Mr. Loera claimed his contractor just up and left before putting the finishing the touches on doors and putting the covers on his air vents.

With no electricity, the home is overheated, wires are left exposed, and no meter has been installed.

But that's not all, Loera can't get a hold of Martinez and his house is still missing a panel as well as steps to get in and out of the front door.

Action 4 News reporter Ashly Custer reached out to Martinez, "Hi, is this Adrian Martinez? Hi, this is Ashly with Channel 4."

Martinez didn't talk to us on camera, but reassured us that Mr. Loera's home would be completed by the end of the week. Martinez told us he is waiting on the city of San Juan to do its final inspection and explained that he will call the person about installing the air conditioning unit.

Loera said unfortunately there was no written contract with Border Construction and Hauling Services, the agreement was all done verbally.