San Juan PD hires attack dog

Rex is the newest member of the San Juan Police Department.

The next time a criminal plans to break the law in San Juan, they may want to think again.

Rex is the newest member of the San Juan Police Department, he may look like a nice dog but he is trained to bite.

San Juan PD bought the dog for $5,500 with asset forfeiture money and assigned Rex to the Burglarly Apprehension Team and regional SWAT team.

"A lot of times just introducing a k9 into a situation having that person hear the bark, having the handler say I'm going to release the dog, you better give up that puts the fear into someone and the chances of them giving up will increase, San Juan PD Sgt. Rolando Garcia said.

But he's not all bark, in the case of a burglary Rex can be used for tracking.

"In the event of a burglary in progress and we have a scent to be picked up Rex will be able to follow that scent and possibly led him to the suspect, Rolando said.

Rex is trained every other week and to keep him sharp, he has to practice his bite, but fortunately trainers have a sleeve.

So if you aren't wearing a protective sleeve, you better think twice before you break the law when Rex is on duty.

Rex will now be going out with the regional SWAT team on every call.