San Juan police bust 'sophisticated' drug smuggling operation

It looked like an average flat bed truck.

There was a business logo on the side and palettes stack on top of the flat bed.

But upon further examination the flat bed held more than just palettes.

"They created a void---a space in between two palettes where they were able to hide and distribute the marijuana," Sgt. Rolando Garcia with San Juan Police said.

That void is not very big. It resembles a small alley. Police said-- where a normal palette would drop straight down these palettes have a small curve at the end to keep the marijuana in place.

Police said they added two small blocks to the end of the palettes to make them appear authentic.

"It's very crafty on their part," Garcia said.

He said the truck was not the only part of this alleged drug operation.

Garcia said the five suspect involved were not just transporting the marijuana"they were also packaging it. Just feet from the building was a home.

Inside that home was over 400 pounds of marijuana, a press, and rolls of cellophane.

They did have a pretty sophisticated operation going on there, Garcia said. They really thought their plan through---we're trying to figure out how many times they ran dope using this rouse."

The five suspects were all arrested.

Investigator told Action 4 News that four of them are illegal immigrants and one is a U.S. citizen.

They were each given a $75,000 bonds.