San Juan police confirm wrong men detained during raid

Two men taken into custody during a Wednesday night raid at a home north of Mercedes have been set free.

San Juan police led a raid at a home in the Indian Hills neighborhood in connection to a recent pawn shop robbery.

Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said a tip led them to the home but the suspects weren TMt there.

Chief Gonzalez said San Juan police work every tip thoroughly and it's on good faith that the information is fairly accurate.

Gonzalez said when they arrived at the home located on Meza Street, one of the men took off through a field.

Officers were able to catch him and after questioning both of them, investigators realized they were not the same two men wanted for robbing a Cash America Pawn Shop in San Juan last weekend.

Gonzalez said police have to investigate the crime and to make sure they're not letting a criminal run free.

"This is probably the only incident that I can recall that information did not turn out to be the correct information, Chief Gonzalez said. We believe we had our suspects based on the information and the information that we verified."

Gonzalez said San Juan police have solved numerous murders, kidnappings, aggravated robberies, and property crimes through these good faith tips.

He's hoping this one doesn't deter people from continuing to call their Crime Stoppers Hotline.

If anyone is not satisfied with their operations or officers, Gonzalez said people can file a complaint to question those actions.

Anyone with information about the suspects, who still remain at large, is asked to call San Juan Crime Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS.