San Juan Police Department - Gang activity on the rise

San Juan Police said they have noticed an increase in gang activity in the past few weeks.

On Tuesday morning, they arrested Abdon Bazan, 18 a member of the Tri-City Bombers for leading them on a chase across Hidalgo County from San Juan to Mercedes.

"Our officers right now are on alert for any suspicious activity involving any gang members," Sgt. Rudy Luna said.

Sgt. Luna said they have seen an increase in gang activity recently.

Last week, members of that same gang beat another man outside an apartment complex and left him to die near a dumpster.

He said Bazan's affiliation is under close scrutiny.

"We are investigating to see if they are in any way involved in that incident," he said, referring to Bazan and his passenger Samantha Sifuentes, 20.

But gang activity in San Juan is not limited to the Tri-City Bombers.

On Monday afternoon, Orlando Moreno and Humberto Lopez, both members of the Partido Revolucionario Mexicano, led police on a chase that ended near I Road and Expressway 83.

Officers founds assult rifles, drugs, bullet proof vests and even a sub machine gun inside their SUV.

Sgt. Luna said they are prepared to take on the gangs.

"We're gonna try our best to decrease it, he added. Providing extra patrol officers out there. We're gonna be trying to identify all, any gang member."

Bazan faces evading arrest on foot and vehicle charges, a judge issued him $250,000 bond.Meanwhile, another judge issued Moreno a $5000 bond, and Lopez a $202,500 bond.