San Juan police nab suspects of attempted robbery

Imagine being home alone, and you hear your home getting broken into.

That TMs what happened to one 19 year old Friday morning around 8:30.

Margarita Gonzales's daughter was in her room when she heard a knock on the door.

"We don't answer the door to no one," she said.

Gonzales said she was at work and her daughter was home alone getting ready to take off for a college class.

"She heard this noise and was frightened," said Gonzales.

Gonzales said her daughter called her right away.

"I just hung up on her and called 9-1-1," she said.

Police responded quickly to the 7 hundred block of Carmen in San Juan and Gonzales said the suspects were frightened away, but after a short pursuit, San Juan police said they captured one man and one juvenile who apparently hadn't only targeted the Gonzales home.

The neighbor TMs lawnmower was stolen and says plans to do a couple of things differently to prevent this from happening again.

He said he wants to build a fence to block the backyard and also activate his alarm system.

The neighbor who shares a yard with Gonzales said he kept his lawnmower locked in place, but the one day he didn't lock it in place, the thieves stole it from his yard.

Police said the alleged thieves also ransacked a home behind Gonzales's home leaving glass all over the floor from where they broke the back windows to get in.

"I was lucky enough to where nothing was taken. My daughter got frightened like I mentioned, but I already have McCoy's here replacing my glass. It's already in good condition," said Gonzales.

"We just happened to have a glass that would fit in there," said the McCoy TMs worker.

Gonzales said she hopes now that the suspects have been arrested and her glass replaced, her family can have better peace of mind.

The suspects TM names have not been released yet.

They are expected to be arraigned sometime Saturday.