San Juan Police tracking sex offenders on Halloween

There are over 60 sex offenders registered in San Juan and police told Action 4 News they are taking extra precaution this Halloween to keep children protected.

Officer Cristina Trevino started off her Monday like any other---except her routine was a little different.

We TMre going to drive by the home where one of our sex offenders live, Trevino said.

It is Halloween and Trevino along with other San Juan police officers will be keeping an eye on those offenders living in the city.

It TMs important for us to keep our children safe, Trevino said.

There are four districts in San Juan that police patrol.

The district that Trevino took our Action 4 News camera is district one|a place she said is crawling with sex offenders.

The majority of them live in the southwest portion of the city, Trevino said. Many of them are in this neighborhood where we are.

It is an area, Trevino said, will be heavily patrolled Halloween night.

We patrol by their homes and make sure they TMre not around, Trevino said. We also watch for the children walking on the roadway to make sure they TMre safe.

Trevino told Action 4 News that many of the offenders stay in compliance with the law, because they know what will happen if they don TMt.

They know the consequences if they don TMt report, Trevino said. They know they TMll go back to jail.

Sgt. Rudy Luna with San Juan Police Department told Action 4 News there are some sex offenders who will not comply and will re-offend.

He said, in order to protect their children, parents should be aware of their surroundings.

Be informed of who lives next to you and in your neighborhood, Luna said. So you can keep the kids away from those houses that might pose a threat.

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