San Juan residents say speed bumps not enough

Speed bumps are designed to slow people down, but Richard Fry told Action 4 News they do not work.

"I would say they only deter about a third of the traffic," Fry said. "People just blow through them like they're not even there."

Fry said he would like to see more law enforcement in the area.

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez spoke to Action 4 News about Fry's concerns.

"We've been working on how we can address this issue, Gonzalez explained. It is a community problem and it is a problem that concerns us as a police department. We have had accidents and fatalities here because people are going too fast."

In recent months, Chief Gonzalez said, they have be inundated with phone calls regarding speeders.

All residents are concerned about speeders," Gonzalez said. "Our main thing is that we address it and listen to those concerns."

One way they are looking to put the brakes on speeders is by adding more speed bumps in residential areas.

Before they do that, Gonzalez said they need to research and see what speed bumps will be the best option for the neighborhoods.