San Juan woman beaten with baseball bat on birthday

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez looks over pictures taken after a San Juan woman was found in her home allegedly beaten by a man she trusted, her husband.

"This is probably one of the worst cases of domestic violence that I have seen of domestic violence in my 24 year career. He got into a rage of violence in which he used a baseball bat to inflict a series of injuries on the victim."

Police are on the hunt for the suspect, 30 year old Waldo Sanchez.

His wife sustained several minutes of torture as the man is said to have violently swung at her multiple times with a wooden baseball bat.

"You can actually see on her body where she was hit with the bat, she sustained a broken wrist and fingers and she tried to escape from the individual."

The woman was nearly out of the window and to safety when Sanchez allegedly raised the bat at their 8 year old daughter who had witnessed the entire thing, and that's when the victim jumped back into the hellish scene just to catch another swing of the bat blocking it from hitting her little girl.

When she passed out from the pain, he doused her with alcohol to try to revive her and when she finally did come to , Sanchez called 9-1-1.

"They (abusers) contact us because they want to intimidate the victim and let them know I'm the one who called police and claim self defense and in this case clearly it is not a self defense case."

In October of this year, 18 cases of domestic violence were reported to San Juan PD, 20 in November and 9 in just the 3 days of December. Chief Gonzalez believes in this case, the beating is not an isolated incident.

"This abuse has been ongoing, that's why the victims need to come forward because this is probably the end result of years and years of abuse."

Chief Gonzalez says this victim is lucky to be alive and they are working with US Marshals to track down Sanchez before he attempts to strike again.

"We do believe that if we don't get him off the streets he may come back and try to inflict more injuries or even kill her."

We spoke directly to Sanchez TMs attorney Al Alvarez who assures us his client will turn himself in tomorrow.

He also claimed he would turn himself in Tuesday and has already pushed back tomorrow TMs time from sometime in the morning to 3pm.

San Juan police say if any family member is harboring Sanchez, they too could face charges.