San Perlita family looses part of roof from severe weather

A Valley family is left to pick up the pieces after Thursday night's severe weather blew the roof off their house.

A woman found a spot in her living room that was dry enough to sleep last night. The storm caused such extensive damage to her roof, that the right side of her roof ended up on the left side of her home.

Isabel Delgado's home was the only house on the block that stands out like a sore thumb.

As soon as the rain had stopped, said Isabel. Went to check out to see what had happened and the front end of my mobile home was on the south side "

She was eating dinner when the Thursday nights storm interrupted her meal. Isabel then saw water coming inside her room.

"I saw that it was leaking in my bedroom there was water everywhere, said Isabel. I had to remove my mattress and everything."

Isabel said her luck just keeps getting worse.

She hasn't been able to find a job, and to top off her problems now the bedroom in her home is damaged. She doesn't have money to pay to repair the roof at her home.

Isabel said Sgt. Gonzalez from Willacy County Sheriffs office offered to help her with the manpower to fix the roof, but she doesn't have the money to buy the material.

"It made me feel good made me feel like he cared, that was nice of him, said Isabel.

Isabel said she contacted the state funded program, Weatherization, that helped her replace her roof three years ago but the warranty only covered one year.

Isabel says that she knows we need the rain and everyone is asking for rain, for her sake she hopes it doesn't come again

Isabel no longer qualifies for the state funded program.

Homeowners are only allowed to get help once through Weatherization.

For know this single mother is asking mother nature to be on her side.

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