Santa Claus Comes to Town for Special Needs Girl

~Twas a month before Christmas and all through the house St. Nick made his way with his gift of a mouse, a Mickey Mouse toy that is.

Santa Claus came to town a bit earlier for 14-year-old Lydia Garcia.

He was there to replace a gift stolen Friday night from her home on Inspiration Road in Mission.

"It feels so good to help out, Robert Serra, aka St. Nick, told Action 4 News. That's what Christmas is all about."

Serra is part of Down by the Border, a Valley non-profit dedicated to helping out families of children with Down syndrome.

"We decided to take action, and we came down to Mission with our volunteers and bring her a new Santa Claus," said Dolores Zamora, president of the organization.

They contacted Action 4 News after seeing the story on the newscast.

They went to the Harlingen Home Depot, who donated the 12 foot Santa after hearing the story.

"It was amazing, if everybody could TMve seen her reaction, how happy it made her," Lydia TMs sister Abigail said.

She added the entire family is extremely thankful with the entire community who decided to help out.

In the time Action 4 News was at Lydia TMs home, a Pharr resident decided to drop by and donate her inflatable displays which she said she no longer uses.

Lydia TMs mom, Maria, was very thankful hoping that "God blesses everyone" who helped out her daughter.

"We were not expecting any of this, sister Abigail said. This is more than what we actually wished, and she was so happy.

They said from now on they will be extra careful with all of Lydia TMs new presents and that this whole ordeal has taught them the importance of giving back.

If anyone is interested in donating to Down by the Border, they can contact (956) 245-4800.