Santa Muerte shrine found at theft ring suspects' home

The shrine was found in the Donna home of Roberto Garza (left) and Ashley Hernandez (right)

Authorities made an unusual discovery while at the home of a Donna couple accused of participating in an theft and stolen credit card scheme.

Weslaco police arrested Roberto Garza, Ashley Hernandez, Mark Martinez and Jeannie Garcia on multiple charges earlier this week.

The four and a woman who remains at large are accused of participating in an auto burglary ring across the Rio Grande Valley.

In addition to stealing items in the cars, members of the group would take stolen credits cards and run up charges at several different stores.

Weslaco police lead the investigation and raided one home in Weslaco and another in Donna.

Investigators found a shrine to the Santa Muerte at the Donna home where both Garza and Hernandez lived.

The Santa Muerte has become a popular figure among drug traffickers and other criminals, who pray to it for protection.