Santa Rosa family will donate organs of father killed in crash

The shades hide the tears and pain 21-year-old Juan Javier Vasquez has endured since Saturday night.

His father, Juan Manuel Vasquez was killed on his way back home.

"My dad's been riding motorcycles his whole life and we never thought that he would have an accident, especially not like this," he said.

According to the Department of Public Safety, 62-year-old Vasquez was riding his motorcycle westbound when he missed a curve on San Felippo Road in Santa Rosa.

He lost control of the bike and crashed into a light pole.

Vasquez passed away hours later in the hospital.

"He's my hero and I'm really going to miss him, his son Juan said, holding back tears. I'll never forget him, that TMs for sure."

Juan showed up at the scene of the crash hours after his father TMs death.

He was hoping to find an item of great value to him.

"He wore this ugly white UIL cap, he said. It was dirty. I didn TMt like it, I bought him several other caps but he never wore them.

He just wore that cap and I was hoping to see if I could find it here," he added.

Juan admitted his father never wore helmets.

Now that he is gone, his family is hoping to save several lives.

"We chose to have his organs donated so that way he can help somebody," Juan said.

As the family mourns Vasquez TM death, they said his memory, and parts of him, will live on.

Funeral services for Vasquez are still pending, but the family said they will likely take place at the Trinity Funeral Home in Harlingen.