Santa Rosa fire chief under scrutiny by volunteer fire fighters

It was a packed house inside the Santa Rosa City Commission Chamber on Tuesday night.

Citizens gathered to express their concerns over Santa Rosa Fire Chief Danny Theys.

City Officials claim his volunteer fire department allegedly did not answer some emergency calls they were responsible for.

But the chief denies it.

"All the calls that came into the Santa Rosa department have been answered . We received a couple that didn't belong to us like outside of the county limits and of course we passed them down to other people and like you heard in there earlier we also did some mutual aid. So all calls were answered, said Chief Theys.

As a result of these allegations some city officials are seeking to terminate his contract for next year.

And they also attended the city hall meeting to voice their concerns.

The chief says the position is important to him and that that's why he's been doing it as a volunteer.

"I TMve been in the fire department for a long time. Twenty five years as fire chief and then a couple more years as a volunteer. I do it because I have to heart for it and all the men around me have golden hearts. And we try to protect those who need help, said the chief.

Since then volunteer firefighters have launched a petition aimed at keeping Chief Danny Theys as their leader.

Just because these people wanted to get rid of Mr. Theys and bring their own personnel. The Santa Rosa firefighters refuse to have him removed and be lead by someone who doesn TMt have the discipline, respect and knowledge that Mr. Theys has, said a volunteer firefighter.

During the city commission meeting the Mayor of Santa Rosa Ruben Ochoa said he found certain discrepancies in the report against Danny Theys.

As of now he will keep his job as Fire Chief of Santa Rosa.