Santa Rosa parents push to have elementary principal reinstated

More than 200 parents of students at Elma Barrera Elementary signed a petition to have the principal re-instated, but they said they felt their pleas were falling on deaf ears.

On May 9, Santa Rosa ISD administrators removed Rene Montero.

Since then the administration and parents have been locked in a standoff.

"I think that the principal is doing a fine job, Ricardo Valdez said. I really noticed it this year and a lot of parents have."

Valdez has a son is in the third grade at Barrera Elementary.

He was also one of more than 200 parents that signed a petition to get the principal reinstated.

They presented the petition at Monday night TMs school board meeting.

"They evaded the question and they said they couldn't comment on it at all," Valdez explained.

Action 4 News put in several calls to Superintendent Heriberto Villareal to ask why Montero was removed from the job, but the calls went unanswered.

However, Action 4 News did obtain a copy of a no confidence letter signed by nearly a dozen teachers at the school.

It is dated from April and attacks the principal's leadership over several changes he allegedly headed up.

In it, the teachers claim Montero was inconsistent and unprofessional.

But Maria, another concerned parent who wanted her identity concealed, defended the changes the principal made.

"The principal put the teachers to work, she said. Not on the phone, not chatting, he put them to work and they didn't like that."

Maria said the changes were good for the kids at Barrera Elementary, including her third grader.

She concluded that even if teachers did not like the changes, in the end it's not about them, but the children they teach.