Santa Rosa Street Repaved After Visit From The Pothole Patrol

It's a street that bares a holy name, but not for the holes on the street.

You see, Jesus Cruz Road in Santa Rosa was a mess just last fall.

Only a few homes are on the street, but a lot of traffic runs through there, forcing drivers to put their vehicles through more than a hundred potholes, that is, until the Pothole Patrol was called in.In September of 2010 Danni Salce called on the Pothole Patrol. "I've seen the series before and I've seen that whenever you guys come out here, for the most part, roads get fixed and you guys make sure it does," said Salce.

We came, we saw, and we conquered.

Eight months later, Jesus Cruz road is brand spanking new and Sabrina Ruelas couldn't be happier.

"I TMm not trippin TM anymore," said Sabrina.

Sabrina and several of her classmates from Santa Rosa High School walk this road twice a day and before the Pothole Patrol got involved, it was an obstacle course, even for someone walking in sandals.

The Pothole Pumps were proof enough for the city to get the street repaved and now traffic flows smoothly and students walk with ease."It TMs awesome, I love it." said Sabrina.

Now everybody has happy feet in Santa Rosa.