Santa TMs arrival to usher in a cold front after unseasonable warmth!

The forecast for Christmas can be summed up in one word: Warm!

On Christmas Eve, temperatures will peak in the 80-85 degree range, with a strong breeze out of the southeast making things feel even warmer. Those temperatures and winds will drop off overnight.

Expect Christmas morning to be brisk and humid, with lows in the upper 60 TMs ahead of a very strong cold front.

This front is scheduled to arrive across the area in the morning through afternoon hours, but it will take some time for the cooler air to filter in, so expect a warm afternoon in the 80 TMs.

A red flag warning has already been issued in anticipation of the high winds behind the front, and dropping relative humidity.

Wind will be out of the north from 20-30 mph gusting to 35.

The Red Flag Warning will remain in effect from 11 am through midnight. Expect temperatures to drop off very quickly after sunset, to the 50 TMs by 10 pm, and upper 30 TMs to near 40 by dawn Wednesday.