SB superintendent calls timing of move to suspend a 'slap in face'

San Benito Superintendent Tony Limon

Board members with the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District will meet Thursday at 4:45 p.m. for a special called agenda to place Superintendent Tony Limon on suspension with pay.

The district's leader for the last nine years calls the move a slap in the face.

"They are just going to make sure that I will not be on stage and that I will not be able to pass out the diploma to my daughter," Limon said. He went on to say, "That's the only reason I see."

His daughter, 17-year-old Alexandra Limon, is president of the Honor Society and at the top 10 percent of her class.

Limon has dreamt of the day when he would be able to personally hand her a diploma on stage as a proud father.

But 10 days before graduation, the superintendent believes politics reared its ugly head.

"They were just continuously trying to find ways to embarrass me to try and pressure me to take their separation agreement, to take their buyout, and I'm not going to," he said. "I want to walk away from here proud, knowing that we accomplished a lot of things in my 9 yrs as superintendent."

The school board shifted power last May.

Since then Limon says he's been stripped of his purchasing power, faced numerous possible reprimands and received his first negative evaluations from the new majority board members.

He was also offered a separation agreement to buy out his contract for the next 9 months.

Limon has a year left and rejected the deal.

June Aguilera, who's is in the majority on the board, said the upcoming suspension and investigation are fully warranted.

"There have been multiple things that I felt that just were not handled properly both with staff issues that come up and issues that came up with children and some that even involve both," she explained during a phone interview.

She would not elaborate on any specifics citing personnel matters but she did make one thing clear: that the action against the superintendent is not a retaliatory or mean-spirited move.

"Graduation is a very special night and I understand," she told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. "But I have to think of the best of the district. So this isn't just saying I want to be mean to you because it's going to be right before graduation night."

Limon said he will keep his head held high and still attend graduation if his suspension takes place.

"Hey, I'll be in the audience... I'll be there."

He said he won't let anything ruin his daughter's special day.

The superintendent shifted a number of principals and assistant principals around ahead of his impending suspension.

He called it a move to ensure that the district's positive momentum continues.

But Board President Yliana Gonzalez told Action 4 News that Limon TMs actions only show how he does not work with the board.

She went on to say that while he did not have to notify the board about the position shifts, he did interfere with a number of interviews already slated for vacancies.

Gonzalez said the superintendent TMs actions were not in the best interest of the district.

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