Scabies outbreak confirmed in call center

Eight people are now infected with scabies

Company officials are trying to prevent it from spreading to others.

Health officials confirmed an outbreak of scabies at the Maximus Call Center off Paredes Lines Road in Brownsville.

Eight people have been confirmed as affected, and both the company and health officials are working to prevent it from spreading.

A corporate spokeswoman told Action 4 News they first learned about the issue a week ago.

Eight employees have been confirmed as infected and are undergoing or have completed treatment.

The spokeswoman said the company will continue to follow the CDC guidelines to eradicate the problem at the facility.

Scabies is an easily spread skin disease caused by a very small type of mite.

It can be contagious in closed quarters or in crowded conditions.

Calls were made to the Cameron County Health Department, and officials said this is the first they TMve heard about the cases.

They do not track scabies, skin conditions as per state guidelines.