Scam warning issued for DREAM Act youth

The excitement from President Barack Obama's announcement on deferred action for undocumented youth was replaced by concern.

More of the so called DREAMers, the younger immigrants affected by this policy, are reporting scams to take their money.

"They come and tell us that they already got a price from some people, some are attorneys, Marta Sanchez said. They go from 2500 dollars to 3000, to up to 4000 dollars." Sanchez, the director for La Union del Pueblo Entero, or LUPE, said they are in the midst of all out information campaign to get the word out on the new policy.

"They need to find the documentation, that's all they can do right now, she warned potential applicants. They should not be giving money, no matter who they are."

The Obama administration has yet to release the application process, and its costs, for an estimated 800,000 people.

"We estimate that by middle of August we should have something and we ask people to hold out," she added.

Sanchez says much of the confusion stems from South Texas TM notorious history with notaries, whom are not legally eligible to provide immigration services in the U.S.

"Since notario in here and notario in Mexico is a very different thing, people get confused, Sanchez explalined. They think the notarios in here are the same as the notarios in Mexico, which a notario in Mexico is almost an attorney."

To reach out to more people, LUPE is hosting a series of workshops.

They are targeting potential applicants before they fall victims to scams.

The next workshop will take place Friday at their San Juan offices, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Another workshop is scheduled for next Thursday evening in their Mercedes offices.