Scammed Out of Wedding Gown?

The flowers. The cake. The dress.

It's supposed to be a time of bliss but sometimes planning a wedding is as far from bliss as you can get.

"I rather have a brand new dress than this dress that everyone's tried on and everyone has worn, said Ashley Gonzalez fighting back tears.

I don't want this dress but I TMm kind of stuck with it with the wedding being so close.

Ashley Gonzalez will be marrying her high school sweetheart July 14th.

For the show to go on she wanted the dress to be a showstopper.

But the gown she thought she purchased is nowhere to be found and only one week before the ceremony Ashley feels tricked.

I didn't see any tag on it, said Ashley.

I didn't see it come out of a box.

Ashley fell in love with this $1000 dress she saw at Occasions Boutique in McAllen.

And back in august of last year, she paid cash for one in her size to be delivered from England.

Nine months later Ashley went to the local boutique to pickup her dress and this is what she got!

A missing button, ripped ribbon, slashed lace, and a dress eight sizes too big, definitely not what she paid for.

We took Ashley TMs concerns to Occasions store manager Monica Lozano. She didn't want to be on camera but did agree to speak with us.

Reporter: She feels she's getting the display dress she tried on.

Lozano: Oh no we have proof of shipment also. If she wants it. I can give it to you.

Lozano says although the dress was ordered a size zero all gowns come with extra material for alteration purposes.

She says the store's seamstress began working on taking the dress in but before she could finish, Ashley became disgruntled with the progress and took her dress out the door.

Ashley disputes those claims and would like proof that the dress is brand new.

She is still battling it out with the store, the last thing she imagined she would be doing before saying her I do's.

Monica Lozano told us she would provide Action 4 News with proof of shipment for the new gown.

She later decided not to, saying her lawyer advised her it wasn't necessary.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, always pay with a credit card and also make sure you thoroughly read the return policy before buying.