Scandal won TMt weaken trust in the courts

Resident speaks out.

Flanked by family and friends serving as a shield from our cameras, Jim Solis made his way out of the courthouse after learning his fate Friday.He did not look up from his huddle and didn't answer our questions about his sentence....but he did have to answer to a judge who gave him 47 months in federal prison.Solis, a former state leader, is one of the key figures tried in the cash for court favors scandal that has rocked the Cameron County judicial system to its core.Solis plead guilty in April of 2011 to extortion having paid state district judge Abel Limas thousands of dollars for favorable rulings.He will now spend nearly 4 years in a federal prison.Residents we spoke to say the fall of Cameron County politicians shouldn't cause the public to lose trust in the law, but instead should encourage them to be extra careful when choosing who represents them in the courts and the Capitol.