Scary truth about Halloween contact lenses

They're fun and grab attention, but decorative Halloween contact lenses are a lot more frightening in the long run.

Dr. Raul Pena, owner of the Pena Eye Institute, says the lenses which come in all different shapes and sizes and colors are sold at most novelty stores and without a prescription.

Unfortunately they can be purchased on the internet or anywhere for that matter. It TMs not a one size fits all.

This is a major concern for the Food and Drug Administration since they are being sold illegally and should scare the living daylight out of people planning to use the contacts even if it's for a day.

"You TMll feel burning, itching, it can scratch the cornea and cause an infection that spreads quickly," said Dr. Pena.

The effects could be permanent.

"I TMve had patients come in who had problems just after wearing them for one day."

Dr. Pena says if you really need to change the look of your eyes to complete your costume, get a prescription or wear them at your own risk.

The initiative to stop the flow of illegally imported decorative lenses and counterfeit contacts is called Operation Double Vision.