School administrators chime in after bullying attack worsens

A 12-year-old girl says she's being bullied for no reason.

Girls at Vernon Middle School tell her she's too fat to wear certain name brand shoes or to wear her straightened, they've even ruined her only 2 jackets.

"They said oh it fell in the mud and there was a food fight so it got cheese on it too."

The 7th grader's mother has reported the issues to the school district and after we featured her story, the attacks got even worse forcing her to come home Thursday at 10am after being called even worse names by several students

Shane Strubhart with Harlingen CISD says the administration is investigating the girl's claims and that district counselors are well trained to handle these types of situations

Bullying of any form is unacceptable at HCISD, but officials say if it's kept hidden from adults, little can be done to stop it.

But the key to curbing bullying in schools starts at home where parents should teach their children not to pick on others and if they are a victim like this child, parents are encouraged to be their voice.