School bus drivers threaten a work stoppage

      Bus drivers in the Brownsville Independent School District have staged a big protest outside the BISD administration building.

      One school bus driver claims to have worked for the district several years, and has not had a raise in at least the last four years.

      Organizers of the demonstration told Action 4 News they are also upset about their hours being potentially cut from 40 plus hours a week to 32 or less a week.

      Organizers added they arrived to speak to Dr. Carl Montoya, but the doors were locked on them.

      The group also told Action 4 News they will hold work stoppage until Dr. Montoya comes out to speak with them.

      Action 4 News will be contacting the Brownsville Independent School District for comment.

      We TMll post information once we receive it.

      BISD is the largest school district in the Rio Grande Valley.