School district takes pro-active approach to deter bullying

Bullying can happen to anyone at anytime and it can have a lasting or even deadly consequence.

We take it seriously on our campuses, Edinburg CISD Police Chief Rick Perez.

Perez has worked for the Edinburg School District TMs police department for nearly 10 years.

He TMs helped shape how the district addresses bullying.

"There is curriculum in place at the Edinburg school district to make sure students can recognize what bullying is and how to prevent it, he said.

The district trains officers how to handle bullying.

To help prevent it from occurring the district has installed signs that tell how it can be reported.

There are also anti-bullying student groups at each of the high schools comprised of students.

Chief Perez hopes to expand that program to middle and elementary schools.

"Bullying can occur at any age you know on the playground at children's age," he said.

When bullying is reported, the district launches an investigation.

If the bullying has not turned violent they work to find a solution without taking legal action.

But if violence is used charges can be filed and the aggressor may be transferred to a different classroom or a different campus.

"Each case is different, if there are violent acts and they violate a law, we will charge to the full extent of the law," Perez said.

The goal is to find a solution before the bullying escalates.

Perez said students shouldn TMt turn a blind eye to the abuse because sometimes reporting the bullying can save a life.

Perez is set to be the keynote speaker at the Bullying Prevention Strategic Conference at Region One in Edinburg October 17th.