School gang fight ends with several arrests

Bulmaro Guevara // Hidalgo County Jail Photo

An alleged showdown between members of two rival street gangs ended with several arrests after they got in a brawl at school.

It all happened Buell Central High School off East Juarez Avenue in Pharr on Monday morning.

The incident happened moments after another student collapsed while running laps outside the school.

Court records show that police and security where trying to help the collapsed student when a fight broke out nearby.

The records show that two members of a local street gang confronted another student from a rival gang.

Other members from the gang rose to his defense prompting a large fight.

Security guards and Pharr police broke up the fight and arrested seven students who participanted in the brawl.

Police filed riot charges against all seven students because they kept fighting when they were told to stop.

Six of the students were juveniles and their names could not be released due to their age but police said 17-year-old Bulmaro Guevara was charged as an adult.

Under Texas state law, riot is a Class B misdemeanor punishable up to six months in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

Police said paramedics rushed the collapsed student to a hospital in McAllen where he passed away.

Autopsy results are pending but the student's death remains under investigation.