School helping sisters who lost everything in fire

A Brownsville middle school is working together to help three studetns who lost all their school supplies in a fire

New Interim Principal Dahlia Castro at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville has a lot on her plate already; add to that the majority of her students fall into the underserved in the community.

"98 percent of our students are at-risk."

Already, the school district like many others in the valley provide free meals during the summer months since many families can't afford healthy food for the children.

Now, one Cummings family is without electricity and a bedroom for three middle school sisters after a freak fire burned through the small space where they all sleep together.

"Many of our students share bedrooms since they live in very small homes with several siblings."

The Flores family was featured on Action 4 News last week and when we come back to check on them, they are still waiting for the power to be turned back on for the eight children and their parents, and only a few donations have come in for the three girls who have nothing as they head back to school.

Mom says she never asks for handouts and she is grateful for any assistance since she had already spent all her money on their clothing and supplies that got burned.

That's why Cummings is stepping to help.

"Our teachers come back on the 18th so internally we are asking them to donate."

A donation drive among staff will be held next week but the community is encouraged to drop off donations for the three girls at the school between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. any day this week.

"Castro says the girls need uniforms for the school year and are required to wear red and black polos."

All three girls wear size 10/12 in girls which is XS in juniors.

They all wear size 5 shoes.

The girls lost every article of clothing, as well as, their bed and all other bedroom furniture.