Sea Breeze Front Helps To Brings Heavy Rains

A bit of good news for our rain deficit as the afternoon heating has destabilized our atmosphere enough to help fire off some showers and thunderstorms associated with a Sea Breeze Front.

Thunderstorms continue to develop along a nearly stationary outflow boundary extending from Elsa to San Perlita.

Most of the development has been near the Cameron/Willacy County line, near SeBastian and Lyford.

Doppler radar has indicated rainfall rates near 3-4 inches.

The activity will move steadily westward and northwestward in the persistent southeast low level flow and will die off after sunset.

Report from Willacy Co. EM -- Water is ponding at several intersections in Raymondville and water is standing in fields.

There is an "Areal Flood Advisory" for Willacy County Until 6pm Saturday.

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