Sea breeze shower goes "rogue" dumping hail in Hidalgo County

Rainbow as seen from the 7th floor of the Compass Bank Building in McAllen // Photo via Rene Rivera on Facebook

A sea breeze shower went "rogue" on Friday afternoon dumping small-sized hailstones in north McAllen and Edinburg.

Showers had been expected in the Rio Grande Valley on Friday.

One sea breeze shower was moving inland when it decided to release some a localized area of central Hidalgo County late Friday afternoon.

The National Weather Service in Brownsville issued a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 p.m. Friday.

But the hail storm was over almost as soon as it ended.

The sun came out and melted the hail in a short amount of time.

Residents in Pharr and McAllen were treated to a vividly-colored rainbow.

Action 4 News is continuing to monitor the weather situation.