Seafood kitchen reels in high demerits and rodent poop

Stripes store on Hwy 107

The catch of the day at Captain Al TMs in San Benito appears to be a rodent.

The restaurant on 2180 West Highway 77 scored 42 demerits.

A kitchen cop found rodent poop on the ice machine.

There was also off temperature shrimp at 67 degrees, dirty equipment and a cross-contamination with the seafood.

The kitchen was also closed because of backed up sewage.

Nobody at the restaurant was able to speak with the Food Patrol Wednesday afternoon about the dirty dining.

A re-inspection showed the business was allowed to resume operations with just 3 demerits about a week after the initial check-up, according to reports obtained by the Food Patrol.

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoCaptain Al TMs 2180 W Hwy 77 (42, 3) *Rodent Dropping on Ice Machine*

EdinburgStripes 4420 W University (22) *Flies, Cross Contamination*

BrownsvilleEl Piqin 1773 Central Blvd (24) *Off Temp Beans, Cross Contamination*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

PharrRed Robin 409 S JacksonBurger King 400 N Jackson

EdinburgLanadee TMs 2115 W TrentonKFC 2411 S ClosnerSonic 2222 W University

EdcouchLeeRoy TMs Chicken & Burgers 408 W Santa Rosa

WeslacoNana TMs Taco1802 S International Blvd

AlamoSan Antonio Bar & Grill 123 S 8th St

PenitasSubway 1715 Exp 83

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