Search for missing Lockhart man continues

A family is searching for Carl Jonathan Wieland after he was last heard from in Mexico trying to cross back into the valley.

Family of Carl said they reported him missing to the Lockhart Police Department and the Caldwell County Sheriff's Department.

Action 4 News spoke with both law enforcement agencies who said they don't think they can do much to find him.

The Caldwell County Sheriff's Department said there's no indication Wiegand ever crossed back into the U.S and said that they have no jurisdiction in Mexico.

The sheriff's department is looking up Wiegand's cell phone records to see if by chance he did cross over.

Wiegand's sister said he was visiting family in Monterrey, Mexico.

She said on March 10 he talked on the phone with some friends in McAllen telling them he tried driving over the Falcon Dam Crossing but that the bridge was closed so he was headed southeast to find a bridge that would connect him with the Valley.

That's the last anyone says they've heard from him. The Caldwell County Sheriff's Department says although Wiegand is a U.S. citizen, he spent most of his time in Monterrey. They ask anyone with information to call 512-230-1377.

U.S. Consulate in Mexico said that have been in touch with the Wiegland Family