Sebastian woman gets monument for late son killed in motorcycle wreck

Mother gets monument for late son

Francis Rodriguez has been waiting a long time for this day.

A monument is finally up at Jose Rodriguez's graveside at the Sebastian Cemetery.

Francis says her son can finally rest in peace.

"When I look at it, I see the picture and he's looking at me saying 'good job mom,'" Francis said. "'You're a great mom.' Cause he was a great son. And I will always cherish that."

Her son died last April in a motorcycle accident.

Jose was 38.

Francis continued to give back to the town of Sebastian by volunteering despite suffering the tremendous loss.

Community members wanted to Pay it 4Ward.

She was surprised last July with $400 on the weekly program.

"Let me let you in on a little secret," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said during the initial surprise back then. "This has nothing to do today about the volunteer center and everything to do with you and the heart that you possess."

Francis says she still remembers the Pay it 4Ward surprise to this day.

"I was very blessed that day because I was praying to God that hopefully I'll find some money somewhere," she said. "And here you all came along and gave me that money and that's what made it possible for my son to have that monument."

Jose's motorcycle buddies with the Southern Justice Club believe the monument serves as a reflection of all that's good in a person who's been sent to ride in heaven.

His mother can't help but smile on the inside.

Francis says she lives life a little differently thanks to him.

"'To live the life today mom because we don't know if we're going to have a tomorrow,'" she recalled her son saying to her. "So I'm trying to live it the way he wanted."

FNB Insurance Agency wants to give her another reason to smile.

Spokesperson Karen Gonzalez is a Pay it 4Ward partner.

"We just wanted to say that we're very, very happy that you were finally able to get this monument for your son," Karen said. "But we at FNB Insurance wanted to do something extra special for you. So we would like to donate $400 to your son's motorcycle organization."

Tears formed in Francis TM eyes.

"It's very emotional for me right now," she said.

Arturo Salas with Southern Justice says the money will help support community programs in Sebastian. "Oh man, it's just a loss for words really," Arturo said. "But it's so nice. And we're going to be here for Joe's family in support." It's a community that cares; a son who will never be forgotten. Click here to watch the original story with Francis RodriguezClick here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook Page

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