Second drug raid at 2nd street home in San Juan

Cocaine was apparently the drug of choice for people stopping at 228 East 2nd Street in San Juan.

The man accused of selling it to them had a steady stream of customers driving up to the small house and only staying for a few minutes according to neighbors.

What they didn't know was San Juan TMs P.D. TMs Operation Curbside was on to them.

"They would drive up to the front of the house or the alleyway and walk to the gate, someone would come out of the house walk toward them and 2 to 3 minutes later there was an exchange for money and drugs," said San Juan Sgt. Rolando Garcia.

After apprehending some of the homeowner TMs customers, police went in looking for the alleged dealer and found a stash of drugs.

"They're pre -packaged for sale. There are 10 dollar pieces, 30 dollar pieces and a little larger quantities," said Garcia.

There were also several rolls of cash in the home.

Police seized that and took Gilberto Garza into custody.

"This is not the first time he's been arrested by this department.-We executed another search warrant in 2007.

Action 4 News uncovered file video in our archives which show police raiding the same home in 2007 and taking Garza into custody.

He tells our crews on the scene at the time that he was being arrested for possession of cocaine.

San Juan Police say it's important for them to target these street level dealers before their crimes spill out even further into the community.

"Yes we do have kilos and big bundles coming through, but we like to target the street level ones because our common users are going to be the ones who break into houses when they don't have money."Garza served two years in jail for the 2007 arrest and now faces more jail time.

Authorities say they plan to seize his home before he has a chance to start the operation up again.

Garza will be arraigned Wednesday.