Second grader brought knife aboard Brownsville school bus

A second grade Brownsville student got on a school bus armed with a kitchen knife.

The Brownsville Independent School District confirms it all happened Tuesday morning on a bus heading to Egly Elementary School.

School district officials told Action 4 news that nobody was injured and they attribute this to the bus driver's quick actions.

BISD spokeswoman Drue Brown said the second grader got on the bus and had a small kitchen knife in his possession.

When the bus driver and bus monitor noticed the child wasn't acting like his usual self, they approached him to find out what was wrong.

According to school officials, it was at that point that they discovered the knife and the student allowed the bus driver to confiscate it.

When they arrived at the elementary campus, the student was taken to the office.

BISD officials could not provide further details on the incident because the child is a minor.

But they do want to remind parents to keep vigilant about what their children take to school on their person or in their backpacks.

School officials sent letters about the incident home to parents.

Anyone wishing to report crime at school is asked to call the BISD Crime Stoppers Hotline at (956) 409-0049.