Second San Benito kidnapping suspect remains at large

Iowa Gardens in San Benito

The Cameron County Sheriff TMs office is looking for a suspect who allegedly kidnapped a man and told him they would kill him and burn his car.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said they have arrested Mark Anthony De la Fuente, one of the two men they are looking for.

Saul Mena claims he was picked up to drink a couple of beers by De la Fuente and his friend Josh.

The three men began drinking at an open field when 23-year-old De la Fuente suddenly grabbed Mena and attempted to choke him.

According to Sheriff Lucio the third man known as "Josh" and De la Fuente started punching and kicking Mena until he lost consciousness.

The two men then threw him in the trunk of a vehicle.

Mena claims he was kidnapped off of Iowa Gardens Road in San Benito.

According to Sheriff Lucio, Mena says he tried to get out while barely holding on to the vehicle.

De la Fuente started hitting his hands so he would let go of the moving vehicle traveling about 65 miles per hour.

Mena said he was then thrown out of a moving vehicle when he then lost consciousness.

Cameron County Sheriff investigators found Mena's 1992 two-door Pontiac on Austin Street in San Benito.

De la Fuente is currently facing aggravated robbery, kidnapping, assault and theft of a motor vehicle charges.

Sheriff Lucio said they are currently looking for the second suspect.

The cause of the incident currently remains under investigation.

If you have any information on the suspect who still remains at large, contact the Cameron County Sheriff's Department at (956)350-5551.

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