'Secret Santa' pays off groceries at HEB store in McAllen

Santa Claus visited the Rio Grande Valley early this year to give back to the community.

Old Saint Nick surprised unsuspecting customers at the checkout lanes of the HEB grocery store off South 10th Street in McAllen.

Santa whipped out a credit card and picked up the tab for their groceries.

HEB officials said it was all part of the their Secret Santa program where the store paid off $1,000 dollars worth of groceries for lucky customers.

Raquel Ccerda was one of those lucky customers.

HEB's Santa Claus paid for her groceries worth over $100 dollars.

She said the food is going to an adult day care center.

It's going to the senior citizens that are at the Victoria Day Care Center, she said. We TMre going to give them tamales and all this food with go towards that lunch."

It's the first year HEB has done this in the Valley and they say they will continue the tradition.